MEDICAL STORIES #01, 2018 | Scientific research journal





Tranexamic acid for the treatment of melasma
Clinical evidences and Mechanism of action

Innovation for melasma
Bene Bellum
Professional Treatment

UV radiation
Expanding knowledge


Tradition and innovation

Vitamin A:
keratin regulator

Vitamin C:
New stability frontier

Skin pH in face and body

Hyaluronic acid even better than hormonal therapy?

Sexual well-being
Female from A to Z

Make yourself Happy: Intimate beauty

Multidisciplinary approach for total intimate rejuvenation

Real stories

Chemical Peelings

Post-market study
2018 Easy Phen
Very Light

Skin health and rejuvenation of dark phototypes

Fat-dissolving Injectables: A review



The first issue of “Medical Stories”


  • The foundation of such a project sets off from a group of researchers and medical practitioners who love to “hold a book in their hands”.
  • Professionals are poisoned by the spirit of “Dr. House”, familiar with sarcasm, but at the same time remaining faithful to the principle of altruism, with a desire and trust to heal, and the quest for continuous learning and teaching.
  • Reading, a constant process of creating your own knowledge base and at a same time doing the effort to bend the borders.
  • Reading – the writer’s process of reconstructing what, at first sight, hides behind a number of signs that do not bear much of a meaning by themselves, but in some sort of way represent a countless number of universes, each of them with their own different meanings.
  • Please, do not stop reading “boring or too scientific” articles. Sometimes those are precisely the ones that help us to gather the nuances of a therapy and, at the same time, learn the shortest way possible to achieve the results!

Welcome to Medical Stories and enjoy the reading!

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