Resveratrol: new insights | Antioxidant | Collagen booster & Longevity


Resveratrol (Polyphenol phytoalexin).

Pharmacology, toxicology, and skin permeation. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, melanogenesis inhibition, reparing and longevity effects


Oxana Doroshenko – PhD, Researcher
Javier Fidalgo – PhD, Researcher

Resveratrol (natural polyphenol) is biologically active in the skin possessing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, inhibition of melanogenesis, collagen synthesis stimulation, and longevity effects. Resveratrol effects are observed at a very low concentrations establishing the concept of the long-term effects of low levels of an active substance. Delivery of resveratrol via the skin is an attractive alternative to food supplements. Direct injections of medical device Class III containing resveratrol n a protective buffer can be widely used for prevention of photo-damage in all skin types; skin-lightening and photoaging protection helping to maintain the healthy appearance of the skin…


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